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The CPLEAR Experiment

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These are my private colour slides
which I used for many seminars.

Thomas Ruf

see also Status of CP and CPT violation in the neutral kaon system

Discrete Symmetries (3 pages)
Phenomenology of the neutral Kaon System (7 pages)
Experimental Methods (Historic Overview) (3 pages)
CPLEAR Physics Program
CPLEAR Detector (4 pages)
Status of the Experiment
K0 decays into two charged pions (5 pages)
Measurement of Regeneration through Interference (2 pages)
Semileptonic Final States
Precision Measurement of KL KS mass difference
-> World average of phi+- and delta m (2 pages)
First Measurement of T violation
Direct Measurement of CPT violation
K0 decays into two neutral pions (2 pages)
K0 decays into two three pions
Search for CP violation in pi+pi-p0 decays
Search for CP violation in pi0pi0p0 decays
Measurement of KS->pi+pi-p0 decays
Tests of CPT (3 pages)
Test of Quantum Mechanics (3 pages)
EPR Paradox (3 pages)
Summary of Results


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